Small team seeks…

Small development team seeks Unity or Unreal coders for programming and games-related fun.

Thanks to our new project – a colourful, open-world adventure with a twist for console, PC and mobile – the team at Stormcloud are looking for 1-2 experienced coders to join our team and work alongside us in our Dundee studio.

Experience & Skills

Ideally applicants will:

  • Be familiar with either Unity or Unreal game engines
  • Have excellent all-round games coding skills and knowledge
  • If you have a specialism in one particular area i.e. AI, shaders, etc that’s fantastic but we will expect you to help with ALL areas of the game!
  • Have completed at least one previous commercial title
  • Have a degree in a Computer Science or Mathematical-related subject

Advantageous Attributes

It would help if you have levelled your IRL character up to include the following attributes:

  • Enthusiasm and drive to make the absolute best game possible within the project constraints.
  • Active team player who loves to collaborate
  • Willingness to take ownership and responsibility
  • Cheery and friendly personality

Working at Stormcloud

Working at Stormcloud is a pragmatic, collaborative experience.

We do not offer at-your-desk massages, or gym memberships. We have no on-site games room, no beanbags, and no beer fridge,

What we do offer is:

  • To value you and your work
  • To listen to your opinion
  • To ask for your creative ideas
  • To consider you an invaluable part of a small, select team
  • To give you the opportunity to work on an exciting, original multi-platform title

Bottom-line: if you’ve made a game before and want to work on a fun, new console title with a bunch of friendly, talented people who really care about their work, then drop us a line.