Brut@l Dungeon Creator Trailer

As we’ve discussed before, we have a Dungeon Creator in Brut@l. With this tool you can make your own Dungeon Levels and share them online for your friends or anyone else in the world to play – opening a whole world of new content to make AND play!

Our trailer below shows just how easy it is to build a level in Brut@l.

We hope you’re enjoying Brut@l. Make sure to share your Brut@l stories with us on Twitter and Facebook, or use the hashtag #KickSomeASCII

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Brut@l Out now on PlayStation 4!

It’s happening!

As you read this players from all over the world are exploring the depths of Brut@l

1920 x 1080

After over a year in development Brut@l launches today and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you all. With single player, two player local co-op and a dungeon creator where you can build, share and experience levels made by other players from all over the world we hope you get lost in our Brut@l dungeon crawler.

Now, go Kick Some ASCII!

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Play Together, Die Together: New Brut@l Co-Op Gameplay!

Hi everyone,

We’re really excited to share our first piece of content for local Co-Op in Brut@l. As we’re making a retro-inspired game (especially with our art style) it felt right to include local Co-Op as it really is a nostalgia trip for a lot of people, as well as just being an incredible way to play a game with a friend. Explore the depths of our ASCII Dungeon, share loot, level up and fight together to survive as you traverse your way down to floor 26.

Watch our video below and let us know what you think or join the conversation over on Twitter using the hashtag #PlayTogetherDieTogether

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— Richard