Brut@l Dungeon Creator Trailer

As we’ve discussed before, we have a Dungeon Creator in Brut@l. With this tool you can make your own Dungeon Levels and share them online for your friends or anyone else in the world to play – opening a whole world of new content to make AND play!

Our trailer below shows just how easy it is to build a level in Brut@l.

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Brut@l Out now on PlayStation 4!

It’s happening!

As you read this players from all over the world are exploring the depths of Brut@l

1920 x 1080

After over a year in development Brut@l launches today and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it with you all. With single player, two player local co-op and a dungeon creator where you can build, share and experience levels made by other players from all over the world we hope you get lost in our Brut@l dungeon crawler.

Now, go Kick Some ASCII!

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